Sunday, April 9, 2017

Chart Your Course

Daily, we are experiencing the current changes, challenges and atrocities across our world. Many of us feel as though we’re drowning in sadness and despair. Many press on with hope and prayer. Many are losing hope.

How do we rise above the negative and dark forces? How do we lift others? How do we get active in our communities? What are we each doing to achieve peace globally?

How do we chart a course toward making a difference?

As a singer-songwriter and author, most of you know me to reach out through my music and writings, volunteering and fundraising. If you read this, thank you for taking the time and allowing me the chance to reach out to you. Social media has opened countless opportunities for all of us to take some form of action, whether it is at the local or global level.

The following are just a few of the answers on YouTube I have received to my question and title of my song, asking the world, “What Would John Lennon Say?”
“I think he'd tell us to keep going.”
“Keep believing.”
“Be the good you want to see in the world.”

YOUTube link:
What do you think John Lennon would say if he were here today?

As you chart your course for setting goals today and beyond, have you included what you would like to do to make our world a better place?
You don’t need a map to chart your course toward peace. Look inside your heart.
You are the Key!

Wishing you a peaceful HolyWeek.

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